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My name is Chad Emery.

I am a Front-End Web Developer!

I have worked on numerous projects for a local church and company. I have experience with most web technologies. I have worked a wide spectrum of jobs from vehicle services, to retail management, to even my passion as a front end developer. My passion is to create a beautiful product every time that reflects who I am. When I create something I take the time to perfect it. Technology is my passion. Seeing technology grow and advance is an exciting thing because we see solutions to real world problems being created.

I love going on walks and listening to music. You will find headphones in my ears 60% of the time. My favorite food type is pasta. If you want to win me over quickly, have pasta! I am currently working on a few projects for a local church and company where I am full-time at. I am available though! In my free time I like to code and research new items that are coming out. Whether its a new phone, an update to software I use or just about all new tech items. I also love watching horror movies and catching up with my favorite YouTubers.

I am commited to my trade and I stand by my beliefs.


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